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Author: h. renell

I am a poet, blogger, and Oregon resident.

July 14

We watch our blood streak under Your beautiful emblazoned sky;
Our tears mix with the mist of our brothers.
Our celebrations twist into horror, and
We taste the sorrow on our lips.
Liberate us through Your Son’s scourged body.
Quiet power stands wordless before Pilate;
His defense not to answer the governor’s questions.
Equate us beside His cross,
Shelter us underneath His resurrected glory.

My poems

Coconut Milk

Palm tree
with tender coconuts,
the milk,
sweet, mild.

Turns bitter when
the nut’s husk
falls, the meat
bittersweet, when

Crave the jelly milk
of the Word,
the goodness
of the Lord.

My poems


Come Holy Spirit
dancing Fire Sneakers
laced through me
to write for You.

Come Holy Spirit
internal sky Eagle
utter through me
to write for You.

Come Holy Spirit
ancient Catapult
hurl through me
to write for You.

My poems

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